Hopefully she won’t take a Tumble!

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It is a hard pill to swallow as a parent that the television can sometimes have more of an influence over our children than we do.  Is this a bad thing?  Well in certain circumstances yes, in terms of wrong attitudes or poor eating habits being promoted to young minds.  We strive to keep our children watching age specific programmes because we think it is most suitable, however these can at times hinder the progress of little ones, as they do not strive to see what they can grow up to be, only what other children are doing now.  
Celebrity sports programmes have their place in the line-up of programmes, however the new series Tumble has certainly had enough of an impact to encourage the creation of this post!  One can only write of their own experience, and witnessing the transformation of a five year old Princess to Gymnast is astounding.  Of course it isn’t the amazingly sparkly costumes, or fabulous hair and makeup that attracts her to the sport.  It is incredible to see how from just a couple of episodes we have handsprings attempted onto the sofa and a routine to watch, and the enthusiasm to learn more.
So with a gymnastics place booked and the programme on series link, we await to see if the influence of Television can really inspire a generation of future sportsman!
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