Time poor, I really understand now!

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Well, this is my first blog.  It would be impossible for me to add up the amount of time I have been researching what to put on my blog.  Reading numerous competitor blogs, millions (ok a slight exaggeration) of websites with advice on where to start and to be honest, it didn’t help me at all.  Fear, that is all it is, fear that I am not doing it right, but from what I have seen, a blog is really a tool to get your experiences, advice and voice out there.  There appears to be no real right or wrong.  So, I have decided to do what I do best and just write how I write, honestly and from experience.  It may not always be about marketing or copywriting and how to gain five million customers (sorry even more exaggeration) but I hope it will be interesting.
So, let’s go back a few years to when I was studying for my marketing degree.   I read phrases like time poor, cash rich or vice versa. Back into the future, it is only now, working for myself and in particular a charity, juggling a little one who keeps interrupting me while playing on the IPad, being the most amazing wife (no comments) and generally fitting everything in that the phrase ‘time poor’ comes into its own.
I decided after having my daughter that I wanted to be self- employed, a freelancer.   I wanted the freedom to choose my own hours, work on projects that inspired me and prove to myself that I could do it.  So far, this has become a reality, and one of my clients is an older peoples’ charity.  Time poor is prevalent throughout this charity, and I am sure many others.  There is so much that can and needs to be done, but due to the nature of the beast there is never enough time.  The challenges that face charities vary from increasing monetary donations, building profiles, gaining loyal returning customers in charity shops, getting quality donations into the shops, promoting services, and the list goes on.  These areas all require individual and equal attention.  Being a part of this bigger picture, seeing the impact my work and that of others can do is truly inspirational, and the time poor phrase is just another challenge to overcome.
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