What impact can Social Media Management, PR and a talented copywriter have on your small business?

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You are on a journey with your business, and there is no doubt that understanding where you want to be and how you are going to get there will put you on the path to success.

The power of a well-structured plan, incorporating your social platforms and promotion through local media and news outlets will help to grow your profile and brand. However, ensuring that you have the right words and tone, that is where an expert steps in.

Let’s break this down into some bitesize chunks:

Social Media Management

Social Media Management, exactly what is that? Well, it sounds quite simple, ‘I can do that’ I hear, but if not done properly, this relatively new form of marketing can make or break your business.

There is a definite science behind social media, encompassing your reputation, your customer service approach, evidence that you understand your customers and industry, whilst creating and curating rich content for your followers. To understand if your social accounts are performing, time needs to be scheduled to monitor the analytics, the progress, the crash and burn posts and the successes. This area of your business is exceptionally fluid, it will change, twist and turn and hence why giving ownership of this area to a professional, could produce untold riches for your businesses profile. 


Public Relations or PR for short, just what do you think of when you hear these words? Companies getting into trouble and a huge PR firm swoops in and saves the day? Or maybe the very idea of having a PR professional would be out of your reach as they are too expensive?

PR is what your local paper is made from. Local businesses and organisations, promoting their wins and successes, or maybe a launch of a new product. Perhaps they have helped a local charity and want to shout about it? All of these stories and more could be you and your business. Local papers want to hear about newsworthy editorial, and hiring a PR bod will help you to decipher what is relevant to put forward and what should perhaps be promoted internally or on your social profiles. Again, having the expertise to help you, will ensure you have a fighting chance to get your name and story mentioned.

A talented Copywriter

Ok, so you may not have heard of a copywriter, or maybe you have, but you do not understand completely what we do.

Here we go. A copywriter, (me), well I write anything a business or organisation needs. This can range from website copy (SEO) friendly of course, brochure text, newsletters, articles, press releases and social media posts to name just a few. My job is to ensure all copy is on point, accurate, interesting and gets the required message across to the reader. Words are such a powerful tool; they can make you laugh, cry or get angry and want to act. Having this skill working within your business can set you apart from your competitors, it can give you that edge and help to ensure that you will never worry about bad grammar or spelling mistakes again!

I have offered my experience and advice on what you should expect from each of these vital areas of your marketing mix. These areas should work in sync together to create a seamless plan of action and bring success for building your brand over time.

I am very fortunate to work with some amazing small business clients and over the years, I have learned what works and what doesn’t.

If you would like to discuss these areas of your business in more detail and how you can achieve a flawless marketing experience with results, please get in touch using my social accounts or email allyson@claritycopy.co.uk

Bye for now, Allyson
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