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It's a fact that we all start the New Year with a renewed sense of vigour to achieve more, laugh more, blog more, read more or whatever it may be. My resolutions this year are in fact to be more organised, read more, be more proactive and take my business to a different level by the end of the year.
These all seem achievable right? However, the reality of life, kids, work, family can all take over and your well intended plans and deadlines can get shifted, leaving you feeling a little disheartened and your focus a little cloudy.
As a self employed person, motivation can sometimes waver, as you are constantly trying to grow all aspects of your business from social media to client base. There is only you to do these things and only 24 hours in the day, so what is a girl to do? Well, I can only share how I overcome my motivational hurdles, and here they are:

Working from home
I have worked from home for many years, and I love it. I adore the peace and quiet, the freedom to work without interruptions, choosing my own hours around my family commitments. This way of working can come with some negatives however, in the shape of temptations, to watch T.V, catch up on some household chores, or have the occasional gossip on the phone to my friends. (me.....never)!
To combat these potential problems, I have a designated place to work and I have to be strict with myself. I plan out my day in the diary, even outlining a half hour lunch. Ticking off a to do list is a very rewarding outcome at the end of the day, ensuring you are motivated and self disciplined.

Stay organised
Now this is a massive part of staying motivated. I am not just referring to your actual working methods, but the surroundings you are working in. I'll be honest, last week I had a real cull of admin related mess quite frankly. My office had become a dumping ground for all sorts of bits, shredding, filing, Christmas cards, paper..which was not good for creativity or motivation. Keeping on top of your admin will help you to keep on top of your game.

Get dressed for goodness sake
This is just such a no brainer for me. Why would you not get showered, dressed and looking professional just because you are working from home? You are in effect in an office, so the same rules apply. This is a must to ensure your productivity, motivation and personal development is maintained. Make sure you spritz some nice perfume or aftershave on for good measure, look good and you will feel good, trust me!

Self belief
This is a bit of a sharing moment! Yes, I have times where I lose my ability to recognise my skills and can at times, lose my self confidence.  I am sure that this happens to others who spend a lot of time working alone and constantly pushing themselves. If left, this can have a significant impact on motivation, and in some cases can lead to reduced productivity. How do you pull yourself back? Easy, step out of yourself, look at your achievements and for me, communicate your emotions. I am very fortunate to have a super supportive network around me, and discussing your fears and perceived obstacles can give you right royal kick back to it!

It is a fear for all self employed people to be ill. When you are ill, you feel sorry for yourself and want to melt into the sofa and watch that daytime TV! How can you? Who will manage your clients if you can't? Well, to be honest, I find that the flexibility of working from home helps here. Just being able to reply to emails and queries remotely while sipping your Lemsip can maintain some form of motivation.
Being poorly is no fun, but it happens. Clients will understand, it is just important to keep them well informed and deal with any urgent enquiries. My advice is to eat well, drink plenty of water and exercise as often as you can. I am actually starting an exercise programme from home this week. I want to grow my energy levels and tone up. We know exercise is a great mood lifter and I'm looking to maintain my optimistic outlook so......Watch this space!
These are just a few of the areas to focus on which I feel are very important. Embrace your business, pat yourself on the back now and again and enjoy the journey to success!
What helps motivate you? Drop me a line and share....
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