The changing face of Tesco

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Over the years, Tesco has evolved into a retail giant within the grocery sector. What is their secret? Well, if I had that formula I would be very wealthy! However, from an outsider looking in I have seen the expansion in two main areas, the F&F fashion line and the beauty section.  I can only comment on my own observations and experiences, so here they are.
I remember as little as five to seven years ago, among my friendship group it was unthinkable to purchase items of clothing from Tesco, a supermarket.  Now, there is a completely different opinion and buying ethic when it comes to getting that piece of fashion with your weekly shop.  I think that the fashion store Primark has helped the supermarket clientele to realise that fashion can be fickle and changes constantly.  Trying to keep up with the high end brands would be very expensive and exhausting. One can purchase a high fashion item (or in Primark’s case, several items) at a cheap price. Once it is on, who would know where it came from? Only you! I must say that I have purchased odd bits from Tesco and the TU brand at Sainsbury’s, and I see many other young women doing the same. As I walk through the vast clothing section, there is a wall of jeans, rows of tops, trousers, dresses, shoes and boots, even an exclusive Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie and nightwear section! 
Before I offer my summary on their success, there is another area of the store which has grown immensely over the last few years. If you love beauty, then Tesco has pretty much everything you need under one roof. I did not see the expansion coming if I am entirely honest. In my local superstore, the beauty section went under what I can only describe as a transformation. It is like a beauty store within a store. There are beauty advisers employed to offer advice on the huge range of products on offer. There are the recognised brands such as Barry M, MaxFactor and Bourjois, but with unknown brands included in there to spark your intrigue. The section is a credit to the store and whoever thought of the concept of creating this beauty space, they did good! It is very difficult to please everyone, but Tesco are certainly trying to accomplish this concept. 
 Tesco have made it very easy to gain access to their products, be it clothing or beauty. The online site is very good with clear, high quality imagery along with accurate descriptions of the items. The in-store pay points for both beauty and clothing are within those sections so there is no need to queue with other customers buying their bread and milk. I feel this almost makes you feel you are buying from a separate company. The promotion of the clothing and beauty has hit their targets accurately, well it worked for me and I am quite a snob! I read magazines such as Cosmo and Elle and yes I have purchased items based on their beauty or fashion edits, it happens to the best of us! I would imagine that Tesco do gain a lot of sales from this type of promotion, along with the good old favourite, word of mouth. We know it is the marketing and PR tool of choice and every company wants it.  
There is however, always a slight stigma attached to the after purchase experience for me. Call me a snob, but I just cannot get over that all these wonderful items and brands are in Tesco, a supermarket. My perception is changing the more I see BIG brands appearing alongside the retail guru. For me, it will take time to fully disengage with the perception of Tesco as just a supermarket, along with many others I would imagine, but I think that from where they were, to where they are now is truly astonishing.
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